About Us



Meghdutam Travels, approved Ministry of Tourism (Government of India) and licensed Consumer Protection with Federal approval in North America, has a global presence in Kolkata, Montreal Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich,

 Lisbon and in Paris. 

Incorporated in January 2000 as a Professional Travel Company, MEGHDUTAM TRAVELS

has unveiled the mystery behind the success of popular destinations around the world. a well-devised marketing strategy to statistically increase its volume of global tourists

It has been working as a Destination Promotion Company for the past ten years

 on Cultural Tourism



A neutral form of judgment rendered by experienced and enthusiasts, International Journalists, Bloggers and Internationally Famed Personalities which was conceptualized and executed by Meghdutam Travels on the demand of the 200 odd artists, artisans idol makers, Puja committees and 300 club organisers wherein the former showcase their creativity and the latter acts as an entrepreneur to support through funds and platforms for the artists to show their skills. This level of enthusiasm and eccentrism shows their year long waiting for these 10 days of festivity simply for Recognition and Accolades. They have been supportive in my sensitization drive for the past 10 years and have been requesting me since then to do an International Jury Award (IJA), judged completely by International judges on a very transparent and global basis. 



  International Jury Award, an award ceremony conceptualized and executed by us on the demand of the 200 odd artists, artisans, idol makers and puja committees.

}It is judged by International journalists, bloggers, Media houses both electronic and print. These judges have been working all throughout the year in their respective countries and contacts. They have been doing an intense research and working round the clock to sensitize Durga Puja globally and to the Western World.